Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The view

Day 7

I know I know. I am late. Double posts today. 
Remember I'm a grateful one , not a punctual one. 

It's cold outside , no one needs to remind you of that!
 But here in south we kind of take it personally. 
I mean we didn't turn down lucrative job offers in Chicago, Wisconsin and  New Jersey just for family reasons.
Make me an offer but throw a little sunshine in and I'm there!  

Now to my northern buddies I'm glad you like where you live and I love visiting you and invite you to my normally heat wave home any day.  
But at the end of the day it is best for all to be where we thrive!! 
And if this   SAD (seasonal associated depressed ) mama ain't happy  --
well lets just say approach 
at your own risk. 

Marc was offered a job once in Wisconsin and decided on his own that it wasn't best . When I asked him why, my all compassionate husband said 
"Honey , there is not enough Prozac on the planet for me to live with you up there."
Ohhh wise, wise man. 
What did I ever do to deserve you ?

So what does this have to do with gratefulness?  Stay with me 

Driving home from work , trying to think hot thoughts ( no not those kind - although my beach scene did have someone who eerily resembled Tom Brady - or was it Tim Tebow? - no matter)  
ahem where was I?   

Oh yes hot thoughts to fend off the cold. I was Thinking about a fireplace , hot cocoa and blankets in the dryer  when I realized the sky was a tapestry of light and moisture swirled into a gorgeous portrait at sunset.
I was overcome by the beauty of the place I call home.  Even in the bitter winds and  freezing temperatures  that vast source of heat we call the sun demonstrated in all it's beauty and wonder the glorious view of its kindness .

I took a alternate route home and captured as much of my commuting view as I could. 

It really doesn't do it justice - there is nothing like actually being right there 

And I am so grateful to be. 

What are you grateful for in your neck of the woods? 

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