Tuesday, January 15, 2019


A morning person I have never been

I stumble to the coffee pot and try to pour myself a cup of ambition 
(-Cue Dolly)

It takes a good 30 minutes for the fog to lift and yet somehow even though I can not string together words to form a coherent sentence, my mind is in staccato mode.

The most random unrelated thoughts
just ping pong around the dwelling that is my mind-

Blame it on my ADD- (Cue Awolnation)

So sometimes even if my body and mind have yet to make a connection I can get overloaded with thoughts and quite frankly I exhaust myself and it just flat out
puts me in an ill state.

I've tried reading first thing but even with readers the focus is not intact yet and anything read online just has too much competition on the screen-
what with all those colors, fonts and widgets.

Being outside helps but then my neighbor drives by and I am in my pink camo  panther robe with a spazzy rooster hairdo The fact that I haven't shaved my legs in awhile just set the white trash vibe.
This is NOT me. This is a gorgeous paid model who makes anything look classy.

Not exactly a great platform to spring from.

I want to start on a good positive note. A platform to if not seize the day at least shape it well.
This is where the greatest thing ever has occurred to me and changed my morning and the trajectory of my day


I know they have been around a while and there are many. I've listen to some here and there but never could keep up with the "episodes" on a consistent basis.

I get one every day
I can barley function in them
I need direction and guidance with as little effort on my part as possible.

I need something to get in my head by way of my ears.

It's perfect.  I pop on the headphones.
Sip the coffee and listen to the hosts lead me.

I choose ones that are uplifting or entertaining and I march in to my day like a BOSS.

Here are a few of my favorites;leave me a comment and  share your favorites with me

Monday, January 14, 2019


I am writing today about the events of my weekend and with a writing prompt provided by my group @hopewriters.  The writing word prompt today is WORD.

This past weekend was a whirlwind. As Marc and I were moving our middle daughter home form Nashville ( yeah Graduate!!) I received word that my father was in the hospital.  Receiving words like that will stop you in your tracks. The fact that those words came via group text to my sister and I at 12:45am and we were unable to hear any words from my father's own lips until later was very stressful.  Sometimes words are not necessary  and other times the lack of words; waiting for word can be excruciating. 

The words that finally came were a throat punch : Heart Attack

My sister immediately went to be by dad's side for comfort, his health advocate and communicate information to the rest of us.  Things eventually turned out the best they could be. I focused on particular positive words as I listened to the information.  It was a MILD attack, ONE blockage, SUCCESSFUL stint and our dad drove himself to the ER at the advice of his physician. Apparently more words were needed to convey that Dad should get a ride with a neighbor or ambulance!  I come from a long line of self sufficient if not stubborn people. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Please don't take my sunshine away..

It's 4 days into the new year and its the first day we have seen blue skies and this bright yellow object in the sky known as the sun. As I wandered out onto the front porch, where I do all my fantastic thinking, everything was vibrant and illuminated.  The greens were greener, the reds redder; the sheer lack of moisture resulted in non-existent fog and absent dew.  I could see clear across the street where prior I wondered what existed beyond the grey thickness that enveloped everything not 6 inches in front of my face.

 Next I felt the warmth, the radiating beams streaming earthward spilling over with abandon to every surface.  It was at this point I looked straight up and was blinded by the big ball of fire in the sky.  The only appropriate response was crippling to my knees and weeping.

I should insert a disclaimer here that it has been brought to my attention that I tend to exaggerate; however in this situation I AM SPOT ON.

I deal with seasonal depression issues every year, this isn't my first rodeo. But what I forgot this time around was some of the aides at my disposal as I wait for the sun to come back. Its always there even if I can't see it and that is something I need to remember in my mind as well.  When the winter comes here are a few things that help me beat the blues:

 Make Light 

Seems obvious but when the light outside is so dull and gray you think your in a black and white movie based in London, it is time to bring in your own light.  I've gotten in the habit of having candles around the house and when the POS ( yes it means what you think it does) of Daylight Savings Time steals the little sunlight there is. It creates a warmth and a coziness.  If you have a fireplace I highly recommend getting it lit as soon as the sun dips over the horizon.
 I also add a few more lamps around the house and use the softer glow bulbs in my fixtures.

My greatest light trick came from my sister (check her out at @unicorngenius) She bought me a Happy Light. It is a large light that simulates UV rays from the sun. I keep it on my vanity and turn it on as I get ready for the day. It is similar to the light people in Alaska ( God love their grit) use.  Anyone remember Northern Exposure? They had head lights on during their long and desperate winter.

Create Your Own Summer

Watch TV, movies  that are in sunny locations.
Listen to beachy music (Spotify) or put on National Geographic channel about the Islands.

 Enlighten Your Thinking

When the hum drum Eeyore thoughts creep in hit them back with literal sunny thoughts and facts.  Scripture has a lot to say about the sun. You can find many here, but to get you started here is one of  my favorites : Psalms 113:3
 From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the LORD is to be praised

And with that whether you see the sun or not know that it is rising and setting according to the will of the One who loves you and keep praising Him.

Monday, December 3, 2018


Oh 2018 where oh where have you gone?  I have been fabulously absent from writing here for a bit. I say fabulously because my days have been filled with great gatherings, meaningful moments, unmet to do list and enough mayhem to provide writing material for the next year.  Ah sweet life .....
how we write out our to do list and the heavens erupt in laughter.

It has been a very active year for our family. We have had some health issues, two funerals , moving my mom and lots of unexpected travel mixed in, all in a back to back format.  About a month ago it all slowed down and I was able to give myself a little self care. With that R and R came a bounce back of whats next. But as I began all my list and plans and consulted my 50 for 50 list I made back in February, some of those ideas no longer held passion for me. 

I think the family events that I was a part of shifted my focus a bit and I am developing new priorities.  The first think I noted was even though the past 5 months had been difficult for my family members as well as me, I was grateful to be a part of each of them.  Now I wont go into graphic detail here out of respect for my loved ones; but I was the one asked to help and am thought of sometimes as what I call " the go to girl". You may be that person in your family or rely on someone to fill that role. 
As I considered that I was thought of to help really humbled me. I have no special talents or gifts. No degree, no elite training or endless assets. I was glad to respond and so grateful for the strength God gave me to help. I have often thought that my greatest ability is my availability, and I have many that make that a reality for me. The first being my husband who provides steadfastly for us so I can be any and everywhere else. 
I am fortunate to walk together with my family during the struggles, grief, loss and pain. No it wasn't a festival of fun all the time where ate ice cream every night and won the lottery. Sometimes we bawled, cussed and courted Jack Daniels as we figured out the next step.  Other times we prayed, laughed and binged Netflix in between physical therapy or funeral arrangements. 

 But each time there was a "we". and that "we" is a representative of the most important priority in life: TOGETHERNESS. 
And whether it is in crisis or celebration


Thursday, November 8, 2018


Okay some may feel this is a cop out for a "local" gift but it is the most precious thing you can give.  YOUR TIME.   There is no replacement for you.  None.  And you have friends neighbors and family that can benefit simply by your presence.  Instead of ordering one more Amazon shipment, instead give a note with the promise of 2 lunches out together with committed dates. Or how about a " let's tackle that house project together friend, Ill bring the wine for the after party.

This shows so much. One you value them. Two you are willing to give your time and your undivided attention to the relationship.  A truly rare find in today's world.

Here are just a few ideas to get your mind rolling:

1. buy movie passes ( good for anytime) and suggest 2 dates to put on the calendar
2. Offer a "surprise" day for a friend that doesn't get out much.
3. Offer a night of free babysitting
4. Offer free dog sitting
5. Give a Free manual labor day to your newly married kids or your parents
6. Make dinner and deliver to your friend with the crazy , hectic schedule
7. Offer your skills to a friend who wants to learn; Sewing, cooking  whatever
8. Clean the house for an overwhelmed family member
9. Take your kid, spouse, out on committed date night and set 2 more in stone
10. Put up holiday lights for your elderly neighbor

Tell me what you have thought of. I know there are a ton of ways to bless people.

Art is for everyone

Today I want to feature a local artist that has a great influence in our community. Each one of my children have met in school or at the library.  He is a rare artist with an incredible outlook on life and truly inspirational to all he speaks to.    His website describes him as "a Christian Artist who is physically blind and Spiritually Sighted."   I  couldn't agree more.  

Ricky lost his sight in two separate freak accidents. While having to give up a great deal of independence it did not deter him form his love of art. He paints in a 3D style with thick paint and molding compounds.  His art is displayed in many local businesses in both Mobile and Baldwin county.  The uniqueness he displays in all his creations are a beautiful addition to any home.  What an extraordinary gift for a loved one and a way to support your local economy and the arts. If your not in my neck of the woods check him out anyway and see if there isn't something you love. Then find the local artist in your neck of the woods and purchase with purpose for a one of a kind gift that gives long beyond the initial purpose.

You can find Ricky here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Today's Thank You goes out to all the volunteers at the polling stations today!!