Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Grateful Wife

Day 2

I hadn't planned on going in any particular order when I took on the "Grateful Year" project but it seems to have started at the top.   You just can't out do God so He got top dibs on Day 1.

Today my mind went straight to my #2 ,my right hand man (literally he is right handed).

Todays' thank you goes out to the one, my only, baby daddy, husband and best friend Marc Hill.

Not only is he wonderful and has kept our original bargain
 "I add spice to his life and he keeps me out of jail"
 but it has been one wild, merciful  21 year ride.
 He also gets major points for keeping that faithfulness in sickness and health thing too.

So as he is hunting in Texas tonight so I sent the following Thank You by email.
Hope it inspires you to search deeply for the ways you are grateful to be loved:
The Man

hello baby,

Wanted to start our new year off in the best way by telling you first how grateful I am that we are starting it together with our family.

We have had a wonderful year and Im looking forward to the new one with you.  I want to say thank you
Thank you for all the past moments and all the future ones
Thank you for loving me when I was not so lovable 
Thank you for believing in me when my actions and words were not so believable

Thank you for embracing my quirks ,affirming my positive traits and overlooking my shortcomings.

Thank you for being a faithful husband and a available father.
Thank you for all your hard work and effort to provide for our family, on both money and time.

Thank you for holding me together when I felt like I was shattering in pieces.

Thank you for forgiving me when I did not think before I spoke, when I didn’t give you my best.

Thank you for having a glass of wine ready after a hard day at work and the random bouquet of flowers or whenever you uttered the word beautiful and my name in the same breath.

Thank you sooo much for having a sense of humor 

Thank you for doing life with me with your unwavering commitment to love me.

I love you right back and am ready for this year to thank you each and everyday we share.

Have fun hunting in Texas, and come home like a  buck in a rut.

One Grateful Wife, 


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