Saturday, January 4, 2014

Imperfect Nest

Day 3

Tonight I am happy to have all my chicks in the nest.
College girl is still home  and we declared a girls night.

After work I brought home pizza dough for make your own pizzas, we watched romantic movies, 2 episodes of the vintage classic MacGeyver , painted toe nails and the grand finish-Cookie Dough!!

Woo Hoo!!  I am glad to spend time with my girls.
Life goes by too quickly and I am guilty of being distracted
with lesser things  and missing the full moment of NOW.

Not everyone participated in each and every event tonight-
that doesn't matter. what matters is we were together.

Not every moment was "Little House on the Prairie " worthy.
There were a few  umm.. disagreements
I mean after all the way you spread the pizza sauce cannot be taken lightly.

I spilled the nail polish.
None of the dishes were cleared.
I pretty sure someone rolled their eyes.

No moment was perfect.

If we need moments to be perfect in order to be grateful
we would never be anything except miserable.

I know. I once waited and wanted for perfection......and I was miserable.
And worse I made those around me miserable.

But not today.
My gratitude for today is for my full nest  and every imperfect moment I had with my chicks.

So I leave you with the wise word  of the adventurer-genius-hero who makes every imperfect moment into a celebration.

"If we lose our souls, we do not deserve our lives"

I for one am considering this proof that God speaks through reruns.

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