Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good for all

Day 4.   
Tonight we all went out with college girl's future hubby and his wonderful family . We have been so blessed to get to know each other over the last year and a half.  
That's them . The Fields family. 

The top left is "hubby" - as college girl calls him.  He is sooo good to her-  and not just her , he is good to everyone. 

Girls when you meet a young man and you're out he will of course treat you well and pay attention to you. But see how he treats the waitress or waiter . Someone who really has no relationship with and can do nothing for him. 
If he's all good to you and a jerk to the wait staff- heed that red flag!!!
If you want a GOOD man make sure he's good to all, not just you. A GOOD man pours GOOD out TO ALL. 

This family raised a good man who loves our daughter and we love him for it. 
I just love his mom , dad and his brother. So much fun. So much kindness!!

And so many fun times this Christmas break!!   The best way to show gratitude for people who you are grateful for is to get with them and celebrate being together!!!!
Before our babies head off to college we wanted to celebrate all together so we went  to Lamberts to eat and had a crazy time!!
Grateful to have them in our lives and so looking forward to many more memories!!!

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