Friday, January 24, 2014

Early Riser

I woke up - let me rephrase that-
I was woken up this morning before 5 

My mind was already at work long before my body agreed to join it .

I checked my phone,  4:56.

Ummm.... that's 30 minutes before my alarm
And yet my mind was going and reminding me of the fact that just yesterday I was asking God to help me know him better .

I usually try to talk myself back into sleep when it is this early .
I was reminded of the scripture 
"He wakens  me morning by morning 
to hear as one being taught"
Isaiah 50:4

So any rational person at this point would understand
" God has a word for me"
but lets remember that it's 4:56 a.m. , and I'm well not always .. Rational 

So I honestly think "if I lay here 5 more minutes and I'm not asleep then it is meant to be that I get up." 

Deep breathing
Relax my body
My mind not cooperating

I recall a principal from the current book I am reading:  The 3rd decision from the Travelers Gift , a tremendous read by Andy Andrews, states 
" I am a person of action. When faced with a choice to do nothing or do something I will always choose to act"

Okay  personal battle lost- but the War of the  soul won .

I make my coffee, let the dog out and settle into a warm blanket on the couch
 and realize as I start my Bible study
just how incredibly easy this was to do. 

Effortless really.
The only effort involved  was the overcoming of laziness.
 I myself am my only obstacle . 

I am able to wake in a warm home, walk to multiple locations in that home to retrieve fresh clean drinking water, use sanitary restrooms, pour hot coffee supplied from an abundant pantry plugged into an electrical unit , drink into a healthy body and snuggle into a warm blanket  while freely picking up the readily available word of God.

This reality is not the same for everyone. 
The needs of food, safety, shelter, and freedom
are not the same for everyone.

They should be but they are not .

As I dwell on this truth - a truth I am aware of and have the power to change,
my mind turns to a man who is unable to do this simple effortless morning I take for granted. 
Pastor Saeed wakes with a bruised body, in a dark , cold and dangerous cell, with little if any good , water or sanitation,
and without freedom and most assuredly without access to the written word of God. 

And yet without these things and without the access to the written words of hope - he has hope
His God of hope has not failed him
He finds privilege even here.

I encourage you to click on the links to know his story - his story is happening now , this is not some  mid evil martyr 
this is a modern day Christ follower persecuted for his love of God.
From Pastor Saeed's prison cell -given to his family

I take for granted my access to God's word. 
I am a  embarrassed that I was trying to wiggle my way out it. 
It always blesses me ,
it always changes me,
I have never once regretted taking in the love letter God wrote to me at the beginning of my day. 

I am grateful that not only do I have access to it but that God practices the patience He preaches in it .

How can I tangibly express and pay forward thus gratitude? 

I have found the best way to love God is to love others . 
To share His word - in my deeds. 

I believe , after lots of seeking  and research, that the Bible is God's infallible  word,
yet I'm not about to get all preachy Bible thumper on you .

God's word speaks into you before it ever speaks out of you. 
So I want to be spoken into-- so that I can speak out loud to others.
Action speaks. 

Words hold power - Gods words most of all.
After all He speaks and action happens.
I encourage you to seek them out since they were written to you. 

I will express my gratitude for these Words that are so easily available to me by acting. 
I am a person of action . 

So if your in my neck of the woods today I welcome the opportunity to love on you
 and if I am acting in a manner less than which I have been called to ( phsss like that ever happens!)  you are welcome to love me right back with a slight graceful  reminder ( try not to slap too hard- ha!) 

Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words

attributed to St. Francis 

See where you can act.
 Click and share any of the links above to find a accountable effective place to serve.
love, service, freedom, grace, morning

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