Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Here we are at Day Two.

We are still in the artsy- crafty area of our home, which in the words of my sweet husband "Our entire house is an art project"  ha!  Bless the man that lives in Estrogenville!

I am also going to ask you to look into your personal jewelry box today as today's donation is beads, broken jewelry and jewelry making supplies.

Under His Wings, located in Robertsdale,   provides six months of residential Christian care as well as a regionally accredited educational program for teenage girls in crisis.

Along with preparing these young women to become positive influences in their community they also work with the families of the residents to break negative cycles and create healthy homes.

The girls have recently launched a jewelry business. They are learning a creative art, business and marketing skills along with good stewardship.

Do you have a pile of broken necklaces that you plan on fixing or take to the jeweler's one day?
How long has it been there?  I have had a stockpile that I looked at yesterday and realized that one necklace was broken by the baby.  That baby is now 13.   It's time to let go.

I also came across a ton of alphabet beads, earring clasps and spacers.  I think this was the middles child's attempt to not be bored in the summer of 2009.  Speaking of earrings I have at least half a dozen  that have no match.  It's time to move on. All this stuff is just taking up free rent in my home and reminding me of unfinished stuff.
 I have held on to the obnoxious heart one this long??

Don't throw it out.  Bless it out!!!

Right now, go gather those leftover pieces of summer projects. Go through your jewelry.
Donate that broken necklace, that stray earring and that perfectly good necklace from the 90's. It is not coming back in style.
The girls at Under His Wings will take these broken pieces and make whole beautiful design out of them.

Kind of what is happening with their lives right now.  Love is taking their brokenness and crafting them into the beautiful design that God made them.
What a great privilege to be a part of that.

He will cover you with His feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; 
His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." - Psalm 91:4

Drop off or call me for pickup:
Alison Hill
7371 Saluda Blvd

Check out Under His Wings @ to find out how else you can help this wonderful organization.

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