Friday, April 4, 2014


Spring is in the air.  Literally you can see it with all that pollen, but it leads to the beautiful array of flowers that we cherish. Spring ushers in another type of beauty:
Prom Season

Ahh yes the air is alive with hormones, hair appointments and dress choices, that will lead to one beautiful night where teenage girls blossom. It is an exciting  time. It can also be an expensive time. 
Those expenses can be daunting especially the cost of the dress. This is where Emily's Closet makes such a difference. 

Emily's Closet offers all Baldwin County high school girls the opportunity to select a free prom dress to wear for the big night. The dress boutique sets up at local high schools during prom season offering assistance in finding that perfect dress. The Heritage Junior Women's Club provides the inventory through donations of dresses from the community.

Let's not go here.
My three girls have provided me with lots of dresses that just won't get worn again.  If your closet if filled with a few of those "only worn once" dresses , think about donating it to Emily's Closet. What a great way to bring joy to another girl the way it did for yours.  Let's face it every girl want to be beautiful and NOT get stuck with mom's old frock.
Offer her a beautiful choice. 

Now that prom season is upon us, dig in the back of that closet and see what treasures you can find. If your prom is this week, no worries. Tax deductible  donations  are accepted year round at the North Baldwin chamber of commerce and of course I will willingly be your pick up lady (and email you tax receipt to you - what a deal!) 

The story behind  Emily's Closet here 
North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce info here 
And of course let me know how I can help!!

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