Saturday, April 5, 2014


Here we are at day 5 already!! We have dug through our craft areas, ventured into dangerous territory of our teenager's room, and sought out those beautiful but never to be worn again formals.  Nice job!!  I for one already feel the freedom coming on.

Today's challenge may have some of you stumped at the title.  Ecuador? 
Not exactly what you would might  expect on a 30 for 30 homespun charity challenge.
Revive Ecuador was started in 2012 by  Spanish Fort residents Ronnie and  Nancy Calvert.
Ronnie has served numerous years at SF United Methodist Church in youth ministry. I bet some of you and your children may already be familiar with him.  

When one of our locals has served our community faithfully and has their heart lead to our neighbors around the world, we can be the support system they need to bless others.  I reject the  "Compassion needs to stay at home " mantra. It is not a here or there, us or them mentality. That's the wrong conjunction. We are called to love . It's a  Here AND there, Us AND them action. So once a week I will feature such an extension charity.

Ronnie and Nancy will be serving as missionaries for a project called The  Shoeshine Boy Outreach, through Compassion International, a loving and financially transparent organization that serves up some hands and  feet of Jesus every day. The latest project for the Shoeshine Boys of Ecuador  has a great opportunity for us on the Eastern Shore and especially Spanish Fort.  I once heard Spanish Fort described as a great little drinking town with a sports problem.  To say we are competitive is to say water is wet.
Any resemblance to a parent you know
is completely coincidental.

 The Shoeshine Boys range in age from 8 to 16 years and money for their families by shining shoes n the city. They love to play soccer and need lots of sports jersey's so they can make  up teams. The jerseys can be from any sport baseball, soccer, Lacrosse, basketball it doesn't matter.  We have a plethora of old team jerseys from The Maniacs, Red Hots, ESVC, SF Lady Toros,  Pink Panthers and plenty of All Star teams. 

So go dig out those past team jerseys and donate them towards the Shoeshine Boys hall of fame.

Let me know if you need a pick up
Alison Hill
7371 Saluda Blvd
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