Thursday, April 10, 2014


It’s Thursday!! Yeah.  I know so many of you are posting your throw back Thursday pics. Many of them are before digital days and the backgrounds are filled with “life”, which is code for “all the messes before cropping came along”. Speaking of throw backs and messes, I’ve got a perfect challenge to intertwine both. 
We are still working in those really “off” limits to the public places in our homes, pulling out things from the laundry room and the garage. Yes the garage that place that was built to house your vehicles but instead provides a residence for everything you ever purchased but don’t know what to do with.  I need you to get in there and go through that pile of sports equipment.  It should be easier now that you have pulled out those old bikes, leftover dog food and various art objects.  I want you to dig deep for softball gloves, bats and balls.  
We start ‘em young at the Hill house so we have just about every size glove, cleat, ball, bat and face mask you can imagine.  Our youngest is now taller than me, so it is safe to let it all go and give it to Southern Spirit.

www.trainatthefieldhouse.comSouthern Spirit is  a non-profit, amateur youth sports organization that provides elite level training to athletes of all backgrounds and abilities.  Believing that every athlete should  have  the opportunity to fulfill their dreams on and off the field, the organization offers free coaching and training services to area high schools and city leagues. The Hill girls have worked with Southern Spirit coaches and they are a top notch set of professionals with passion to give all athletes a great future. Often times an athlete or area does not have the necessary equipment to develop their God given abilities. This is where you and I come in.

Gloves and catcher’s gear are the most need items.  No matter how old or beat up your gloves are they can be refurbished to almost new.  According to head coach Coby Makin  “We can take the worst shape glove, strip it down to the laces and recreate a great piece of equipment for an athlete that might not have access to any.”  Southern Spirit will host area camps in June where refurbished equipment will be given away.  Collecting everything by the end of April will be perfect timing to rework the equipment in time for the camps. Check out your inventory.  I bet you have a few throwbacks in your mess that you can donate.  Pass this on to any coaches or players  and check out Southern Spirit at
Or their FB page: Southern Spirit
Let me know if you need a pick up
Alison Hill

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