Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I can't believe it is day 9 already.  I have talked to some really great people that run great organizations. I have received some great donations and am scheduled to pick more up soon!

As I am cleaning out my home and researching the needs of my local area I realize that the very act of walking through my house and gathering my possessions to give away  is a reality that many in our community do not have.  I was shocked to learn that over half of the homeless are women and children and that families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.

 The Baldwin County School System counted 642 homeless school age children last year.  This was a shock to me, The homeless are our neighbors and there are many wonderful ways to help them. 

Family Promise , an Interfaith Hospitality Network, has  a community response to the issue of homelessness in Baldwin County, specifically homeless families with children. Working with local
churches, Family Promise provide over night lodging, meals and hospitality to assist families in regaining their housing, their independence and their dignity.  More host churches are needed. Please consider speaking to your pastor or board about being involved.  Participation doesn't require the pastor to take anything on but rather a coordinator from the  members to help organize the use of the church facilities. 

When I called Family Promise to see what their most immediate need outside of host churches was I  was surprised at it's simplicity.  It's laundry detergent. Families have an opportunity to wash their clothing while lodging and laundry detergent is in great demand.  How easy and yet how effective.  We all want to be dressed in fresh clean clothes. 

 Got any leftover laundry detergent that the kids didn't like? Hubby couldn't handle the Lavender scented gain. I've got a perfect place for that. Next time your at Target, Publix or Sam's buy an extra.
One for your family one for another family. Counponers take this on as a challenge! How many free laundry detergents can you donate this week?  As always I'll be glad to pick it up (even if it's the Sam's 50 pounder)  
Together we can do this.
Ready, Set, Bless!

Check out Family Promise to donate, tell you church about or even help a family register for help
at .
They are located at 20511 County Road 36 Summerdale, AL  251-947-5641

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