Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Wow!! What a week. I just got another donation last night for Emily's closet!  I just knew I lived among a bunch of generous people!  Keep it coming. I am hoping to have to post a "Calling all trucks"  plea at the end of April to get all the donations to their various spots.

Today's charity feature is The Ridden Word along with this weeks list.

Tues (8)- The Ridden Word
Wed- (9)-  Family Promise
Thurs-(10)-Southern Spirit
Fri-(11)-Ransom Cafe
Sat-(12)- The Shoulder
Mon-(14)-Raise the Roof

Today's challenge might be a bit daunting but you can do it.  The garage. Ahh, the room where unneeded things get to live rent free.  Hmmm... what are those wheeled looking things in the corner underneath the popped pool floats?  Why lo and behold we have bikes. Who knew?  Have I got a place for you: The Ridden Word.

 The Ridden Word is truly a unique organization  that was started in order to meet  specific transportation needs for individuals that are facing  present economic challenges. Many Baldwin County people are homeless, jobless, and losing hope.  That's where the volunteers at Ridden Word come in with the simple gesture of rebuilding a bike and giving it away.  Along with providing a bike, each Wednesday they hold a soup kitchen at 6 p.m. It is open to all people, homeless or not who simply need a hot meal and company. This is offered to any individual to help cut down on expenses related to food and to have a community of others to do life with.

So far Ridden Word has given away 330 bikes!In March they had about 70 bikes and parts stolen , because well people sux sometimes, but not you. There really are only 2 sides: the problem and the solution. We are on the solution side. Ridden Word needs any old bikes you would like to donate. They don't have to be in working order because they specialized in tearing down and rebuilding to make some sweet rides. They can even teach you to be a re builder as a volunteer building up  bikes and people. You could learn a new skill, meet new people, and laugh as you serve. That 's a 4x win!

The literal soup kitchen could always use a few friendly faces and your best soup or soup ingredients. Warm up that crock pot with your best recipe or clean out your garage and donate those bikes your kids haven't touched in a few years.

Ridden Word is located at 22597 Section C HWY 59
Robertsdale, Al   202-WORD (9673)

Drop those unwanted bikes off at my house or call me for a pickup.

Alison Hill
7371 Saluda Blvd
alison_hill@bellsouth.net  (remember one "l" in alison)

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