Monday, April 7, 2014


Today ends the first week of the 30 for 30 challenge. And we are doing great!! It has been a successful week with fabric, beads, and sports jerseys collected and scheduled to pick up. Thank you to all who responded and re posted the blog links. I am hearing from your friends and building up awareness for our communities needs!!

Tomorrow I will post the next 7 charities I will be featuring so you can start to get them fixed in your mind as you go about your routine and spring cleaning.  15 minutes a day in one area of your home can free you up and bless it to someone else. I am moving the charities the Ridden Word and Ransom Cafe to next week as I need to find out their most immediate needs first.

Today I am featuring a warm , fuzzy little non profit that you just want to squeeze the cheeks  and love forever.  Yes it is  sweet kittens and puppies looking at you unmercifully from The Haven.
Yes he is looking at you.

  Now before you think I'm about suck you into the adoption game, here me out.  Adoption is always available at the Haven and its a great way to find your family's new best friend, however I am not in a pet getting position right now.  Our lives are way to busy to have additional animals, we just would 't do  justice to adopt right now.   But there are others ways to help out these adorable critters at The Haven.

Here is a link to their wish list, check it out there may be something you haven't used in forever and can donate. Perhaps the next time you're  buying food for your critter you can pick up an extra bag for The Haven.

There just aren't words.
I'm partial to tuna.
They need non pet items also to keep the shelter running  like towels, bleach, office supplies and printing services.  We have leftover heart worm and Frontline meds from a previous dog that we are going to give.  If you have recently lost a pet I encourage you to consider working through your grief by blessing forward your pets items or better yet volunteer your time and attention to the animals.

The Haven is located at 559 S Section St, Fairhope, AL.
Call to see how you can help (251) 929-3980

As always if you have anything to give you can drop it off at
7371 Saluda Blvd
or contact me for pick up
Alison Hill

**I am still in need of uniforms for Baldwin County students and men's clothing for the Watertfront Rescue.  So keep that in mind if your a power organizer and are planning on dedicating a whole day or weekend to your efforts.  Remember I'll be glad to come pick up  anything you can donate. Also don't forget when your prom is over to look through all your formals for Emily's Closet.

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