Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Today I ventured into my husband's clothing area.   I am married to an unusually tall man. He is 6' 5 and wears  a size 14 shoe.
That is one big boat.

I love my freak of
nature size man.
His neck is 17 1/2 inches thick. When he first started out in business it was suits and ties and casual Friday was a dress shirt and suit pants.  I had a heck of a time trying to find clothes that fit him properly.  Thank goodness those proper dress days are gone and he can show up in khaki and polos.

We still keep a few suits and dress shirts  around for formal occasion and interviews, but the rest we take to Waterfront Rescue.

When it came time to donate Marc's clothes I just kept picturing homeless men preparing for an interview and what if that man was a freak of nature size like my man.  I thought that would just stink having to worry about a job and then find something decent to wear.

So go find your man and take his clothes to Waterfront Rescue , located at 2365 North McKenzie Street  in Foley. (Phone: 251-943-4581 You can even schedule a donation pick up right from the website or as  give me a call to pick them up. ( the clothes , not your man :)

Call if you need me
Alison Hill

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