Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is time to get down to some basics, by getting in your closet and going through your shoes and your kids shoes to give to an organization called Guatemala  Landing Zone  . Shoes will be given to the young and old.   

Guatemala Landing Zone  is headed by my friend Mart Purvis. Mary is a Baldwin county resident that has moved to Guatemala  to share her life with the people there. She is building relationships with students and sowing into their lives to help them make critical choices. Monthly meetings with the students teach them lessons about family, personal values, self-worth, building a relationship with Jesus, how to combat peer pressure, and many other subject.  Mary has also started a feeding program and sponsorship for the children . Check it out here. 

Shoes are a much sought after item in Mary's village.  Plans to send a large shipment in June are already in place .

Opportunities to take then in person are also available. Who knows we might get to go together . 

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