Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Morning all. Or maybe closer to afternoon by the time this post arrives. I am on Spring Break after all so my time clock is not as tightly wound.   I have been storing all my items to drop off in our spare bedroom but think I will have to move to the garage soon. Still in need of all the items I have listed in previous posts so let me know if you need a pick up and please spread the word to your friends .

Speaking of the garage I asked my husband to go through his tools and products in his workbench. This was an undertaking best left to him. I wouldn't know a sprocket from a side saw.  I was able however to locate a few extra boxes of shingles and 3 boxes of roofing nails leftover from our roof replacement a few years ago.  After putting one box aside for repairs , I knew just the place to donate to.  Raise the Roof is a home repair ministry through Dauphin Way United Methodist Church.  Inspired by the parable of the paralytic whose friends climbed to the roof and lowered him to be healed by Christ, Raise the Roof seeks to be a temporary presence in home repair and a permanent presence in friendship in the Taylor park area of Mobile.

Not only can you donate an extra hammer, roofing nails or shingles but you can also spread the word to business and work associations who may have ready access to materials.  The repairs of 4 homes will take place this summer form June22- July 5. There is a great opportunity for adult and youth, ages 8th grade on up, to volunteer for the repairs. No experience is necessary.  

If you are not able to volunteer for labor or have material to donate consider making a meal for these hard working crews this summer or donating necessary items such as paper plates, napkins or a beloved favorite poptarts!  Call and talk with Jan Bailey at 377-6970 about how you can be a blessing!
So head to the garage and tell your husband your about to go through all his tool and donate things, I bet he panics just a bit  takes a half day at work and does the job for you!  Now that's some good delegations!!

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