Tuesday, April 15, 2014



 I normally list the next seven charities here but it will have to wait until tomorrow 
Family time beckons

But today I am featuring a incredible charity that has yielded some incredible results.
I want  you to think back on ,or forward to , or look around you right now to see  those blessings in your life called children.  They could be yours or someone else's  but they are sweet ,sweet blessings.  Sometimes blessings hide behind the hardness of  life . Mary's Shelter is a place for blessing to be brought forth when life rears its ugly head. A safe place for homeless pregnant women. Mary's shelter provides a clean living environment that supports medical  care to both baby and mother. Women are able to continue their education, learn valuable job and parenting skills and receive counseling. 
After the birth of the baby transitional housing is provided until the women find jobs with a sustainable living wage.  Mary's Shelter has beautiful stories of love and hope . Check them out here.

Now that you have gone through a box of Kleenex after reading these stories, its time to get in the back of your closets and search for maternity clothes and those put up baby clothes. Unless it is a  passed down heirloom let me encourage you to just give it away. It can't bless anyone sitting in the back of your closet. It will bring more hope to someone receiving it  than sitting in the bottom of that hope chest.

Gather it up and give me a call.
Check out their need list that includes some miscellaneous items you might have on hand like baby hangers, stationary, greeting cards or bed linens.  

We all have something to simply give so others may simply live.

If you have a charity dear to your heart that you would like me to feature please let me know
Alison Hill 251-463-3511 Text or call

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