Sunday, April 13, 2014


Ahhh. Sunday. A day to rejoice and be rested!!  Isn't God good? I know some of you reading this may not be so sure.  Let me challenge you in whatever your circumstances are, whatever your beliefs or philosophies may be to look around you and find beauty. There is beauty just waiting to be noticed and appreciated. If your on the Eastern Shore today checkout that blue sky, warm breeze and bountiful sunshine.
 Sunday often offers us a blank canvas in my house,good weather or not, to fill up with some family fun or a little project time.  I love to work with my hands and learn new things. Talent I really don't posssess, my sister got all that. But I like to try and I appreciate  those with great artistic talent. Even if my product is not a masterpiece I have found value, if not therapy at times, in the process.
As a result  I have a gazillion pieces of leftover projects.  A little paint here, floral wire there and a mound of ribbon from a Pintrest gone wrong idea,
Hmm ...what to do with the hodge podge of creative objects?

Bay Rivers Art Guild is located in the old Daphne City jailhouse on 6th street. Not only is the building itself a repurposed wonder but its rooms are filled with inspiration, vision and instruction.
They have classes, contest, and galleries for the pleasure of all ages. They have just announced their summer art camp classes and will be filling fast.  Anything you would like to donate would be a welcome addition.  One of the most popular classes uses found art objects from recyclables to the random interesting looking paper clip that you won't use but is too pretty to toss out.  Give it to BRAG and you might just see it used in a brilliant piece and displayed in a gallery.

So get it that garage, workshop or random drawer and  create something fun today. Gather up the leftovers of old or abandon projects and give them all away to live another day.

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