Friday, April 11, 2014


It’ Friday!!  Yes!!!  I hope your week of cleaning and blessing has gone well. I hope this challenge has benefited you and blessed others. I hope each of us is learning about our community and a whole new set of people outside our suburbian borders of comfort. I hope you have found organizations filled with smart, kind, and willing people waiting for friendship and kindred spirits to join them in caring for others.   Whew!! That is quite a tall order but it is out there. Go get it.

Today I am featuring a charity that if you have any dealings with me at all you have heard about. My family has been so privileged to be part of Dig Deep Give Well.  If DDGW is new to you click on the link and find out how a fewBaldwin County homesteaders have encouraged our local community to build 7 water wells in Tanzania and bring up the next generation for service in the process.
My 3 chicks wearing Maasai wedding crowns
KK being a multi-tasking mama

am often asked what church or parent organization DDGW is associated with and my answer is always the same. “We aren’t backed by any church, we’re just 10 Jesus freak families that want to love others and give clean water.”  That’s us, all volunteer. We’re Catholic,Church of Christ, Assemblies of God, non church affiliated and
We love that God loves us!!!
Every summer we venture toTanzania for our well project and to share the love God has for all people. We take as many kids between the ages of 14-21 that want to go. We feel strongly in building up the next generation to be the "other" generation not the “me” generation.   

Everyone pays their own way.  I have witnessed the hard working, creative efforts of these kids over and over to earn money for their plane fare. 
This Saturday is one such effort. We will be at Spanish Fort Chick fa la washing cars from 10-2!!  Hard working kids will be ready and willing to scrub that horrible pollen off your beautiful car. It is on a donation basis. Give if you can – don’t if you wont. Either way I guarantee you a clean car.
  Rest assured of all the things you will give your money to on Saturday, none will have the lasting investment that a few dollars to one of these students can.  The blessing of hard work receiving a donation turned into an experience of service, kindling a passion to a change lives for others and to an influence a generation leaving an incredible heritage of love.  Now that’s a tall order that can be filled with a little help from everyone.
Check out this summer’s project here.
To find out how you can help or donate directly to a student fund go to

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