Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New year-New day-New mercies x

First day of a new year. Love is best  demonstrated , that is the motto I want to live every day. So I will write about a demonstrative love given, received or found.

Today I accept the demonstrative love of Jesus. His actions are the greatest in all of history and are living out everyday. My sins forgiven , my life redeemed , my soul loved .

That's a love that keeps demonstrating

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Purposeful Purchasing

okay so I should have put this post out about 5 days ago, but it has been a whirlwind. It's not the Christmas season, it's my life- some days its just spinning out of control. So here is my post in all of its late glory

Its Saturday.( Obviously not now, but..)  
 Hope you go to enjoy your chill Friday night. (I did and it was the last time I actually took a breath) The kids came up with  a few creative things for gifts .I on the other hand have a few artistic challenges.    

The shopping centers are bustling right now and I bet there are a few things on your list to still get. It seems like the out of town gifts have a deadline pretty close to this Monday if we want everything there on time.  So as your out and about today stop by some unusual places. We are fortunate to a have a plethora of artist around the Eastern Shore. Buy a thing of beauty that will be a joy forever. And buy it local.  Art is on display at various restaurants, galleries, and even at Thomas Hospital.   So visit The Sugar Kettle in Daphne and scan their walls for a unique treasure, Take a walk in Fairhope and stroll into the Eastern Shore Art Center checking out the latest exhibit  . Call up BRAG , mobile studio or head down to Orange Beach to learn glass blowing while creating a gift for Aunt Sally.  

Not only will you support your community, grab a one of a kind present but you will have spent time with the ones you love in exploration of your own backyard!!   You just hit as triple in the purpose department!!!  Girl, you get that extra peppermint shot from Coffee Loft (insert your town’s coffee shop) , you’re going to need it to keep up with your fabulous self!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Freedom

It’s Friday people and December so far has been great But like most Fridays I am spent and ready for some down time.  The feature today is one of planning. Giving a gift with purpose is different than the run of the Mill” I ran to Target or Amazon can get it in two days, I’m off the hook” mentality.  Not downing these two great vendors, I frequent them myself but I am trying to really access want vs need.
It seems in America we have blurred those lines a lot. Our instant accessibility possibilities have left us with very little introspection of our choices.  So today your mission should you choose to accept it is to lay like broccoli and scroll through all of the fabulous ideas on Pintrest.  This app is a wealth of ideas and knowledge on thoughtful gifts to make with how to links included. So scroll, dream and pin.
 Then get realistic and pick a pretty, simple idea that reminds you of someone in your life. You can even search for “nature crafts” and it will give you a host of ideas from your own back yard ( or translated in  frugalise  “free”.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart. You just have to think enough of someone to make a homespun effort.  Here are a few ideas we are going try. It might be a nailed it or failed it, but one thing is for sure. It’s going to be fun.
I see a frame coming out of this tree

So enjoy your license to veg tonight and couch potato on up with your yoga pants, warm blanket and your Pinterest searching device. When the kids holler for diner- tell them that God gave you an air popper for such a time as this.  

Happy Pinning, Planning and Purpose!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Right Idea

Today's suggestion is simple and to the point. Order something off of Etsy for someone.  Etsy has the right idea for homemade small artists to bring their one of a kind treasures to your doorstep.  They get global with the Internet but stay small and support pockets of Cal communities and individuals. I'd write more but I am due for some local gift giving myself  . Local wine with local friends.

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Double Blessing!!!

weekly basket with eggs
Today's purchase with purchase choice is outstanding.  In my very own backyard of Spanish Fort, Alabama there  is a local farm that supports CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  Season in the Sun is a small, family-owned farm that is committed to producing and providing fresh foods, free of chemicals and preservatives. A CSA program offers customers  a healthy, convenient alternative to purchasing processed food from grocery stores. I bet you have one close to you they are popping up everywhere!!

Seasons in the Sun is offering CSA Christmas Specials, Holiday Gift Baskets, and Gift Certificates this holiday seasons! What could be a more perfect gift than fresh, local fruits and vegetables? This is a great way to support your local economy, your local farmer, stick it to the chemical food industry and give your a neighbor a gift that is not filled with ingredients that produce cancer. Even if that is only known in California. Why do they even put that label on things? As if your in Maine it is safe to completely inhale and eat things you can't pronounce?  Whatever.  Let's eat and give real food!!!

Blessings, Blessings all around!!  While your ordering your baskets check out their classes, recipes,  Farmer's Market Saturdays and Farm to Table dinner events.  I hope to see you at one!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 of December.  Whew. I am no closer than yesterday to finishing Christmas gifts as today was sheet washing day as well as Pintrest craft day!!!  I made a beautiful scroll art painting that read " I procrastinate, therefor I am." 

But in the click of a mouse I am going to purchase a great gift for my girls.  I have searched high and lo for companies that deserve my dime and I want to mention a great organization that has a 40 year history of mercy and accountability.  A rare gem in today's world.   
Samaritan's Purse is a wonderful organization that provides sustainable economic solutions for individuals and communities in poverty.   What does that mean in layman's terms ?
They.  Stick.  Around. 

They don't drop off a meal, gander a nice southern " Bless your heart" and then line the administration's pockets .  They allow you and I the privilege of giving a sustainable gift of chickens, goats, mosquito nets, milk, education, skills training to a family that can continue to grow, learn and give on to others. Samaritan's Purse invests in the community and family as a whole for years. They live with the community, they eat, worship and work together. 

 For as little as $14 you can give some chicks to a family. 

Baby Chicks when grown,  can produce up to 200 eggs each year. 
 Not as pets but as food and income. Food leads to healthy families who work better , who learn more effectively in school, who are less likely to be ill.  Income leads not only money but pride and dignity to be able to provide for your family.

I will be giving the baby chicks because - well I love my 3 chicks , AKA, literally,-
Ashlyn, KK and Addie.

But you can give what speaks to you.  And you can give it in honor of one you love.  My girls are be honored with chicks and they will be gifted themselves by knowing that it's not all about them. It is not about us.

We have enough. If you have access to the Internet and our able to read this blog you have more than 75% of the world.  So check out Samaritan's Purse gift catalog and let me know what you give.

Someone needs a goat people. Get on it .
Let's Browse.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December

The clock is ticking.  25 days until Christmas. 
At this point  no one should really be panicked . I mean it's not like we all wait around and tune in on a random Saturday waiting for the announcement of when Christmas will be.

 It's not as if  lottery balls  float up the tube in a  random pattern to set the date. 
 Can you picture that? 

Some overdressed fake blonde, with a symmetrical set of twins at her disposal, turning the number balls to the front so all can see. A cheesy male announcer with over bleached teeth and a microphone he insist on handling like a trophy cackles " The next number is ...., "as Blondie obliges.   And just like that the first number comes out.
 The crowd leans in and BAM there they go.

"A 1 and now a  2. That's 12 !" 
" Nuts that means December. And then it's 2. And a 5!!
 December 25th . Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh this is crazy. " 
Then all of America scrabbles around like its on fire . 

Really?  It's the same date  every single year people !! 

I'm not done shopping but I refuse to make panic purchases. You know the ones that are a gift for the sake of  giving a gift. Or the "I-must-get- a -gift-of-equal-or-greater-value "scenario.  That always results in heartfelt and useful item. :)

We have been trying hard over the past few years to be conscious shoppers. Support our local community,  buy creative and handmade items and purchase from companies with fair labor practices.  Yeah we are still Amazon junkies , but it's not our automatic go to.  We strive to purchase with purpose.  Purpose for the maker, the giver and the reciever.  

What exactly does that look like? Here are a few things we've done so far:

1.Bought a black and white drawing of a human heart from a nephew at an art show to give to my sister who loves weird things like that.  It promoted my nephews skills, contributed to his income, was easier on my wallet and will tickle my sister to have a one of a kind sketch.

2.My mom always gives me a cow or a goat.   Not the kind that live on my land, but one for a family in an impoverished country to make an income. She does it in my name through Heifer International and it suits me fine. The last thing  I need is another random object to dust or of course,as n actual cow in my yard.

I'm over stuff. Please just take me out to lunch some random Tuesday in June and I'm golden . I get that cows and drawings might not be your or your families thing.  I'm going to try and list some great  companies,websites and ideas with unique and purposeful gifts each day until December 24th.

But for today check out the holiday guide at Art of Simple holiday to get you going.

Happy Shopping

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pick Your Priorities

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday. A day where the country is encouraged to shop locally and support their communities.
It is a great idea. It , however needs better timing.  Small Business Saturday comes after the national day of greed otherwise known as Black Friday.( The irony rolled up in the name has just too much commentary for me to even begin). I wish it came before and we frenzied on supporting the people we do life with on a daily basis.

Black Friday entices the best of us to grab the  savings and check off  our Christmas purchases.
Hey I am not one to knock a deal. I currently stalk Hobby Lobby for sales, have a Cartwheel Target App and get FB alerts when my local thrift store has a 10 for $10 (That is an actual thing).
But when the reality of a need is superseded by the "deal" itself, we have been had. It is like when you discover that You have actually been trained by your dog to do something when all the deceived while you thought you were in control. (Some of you have just had a stunning realization- I've been there. Canines are really smart.)

I knew you would catch me

I'm here for you Lord.
 Let's face it when sacrificing sleep;
something I presently require an Act of God to interrupt
(and He has )
in order to get a bargain ,means we have been replaced as the Alpha.
You no longer have control. The sale, the deal, The Man does. 

Not only are we  sacrificing sleep, money, and priorities but our dignity as well. Here are just a few examples:  

Stock Market or Black Friday?

All Dignity Gone.

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter...

what the heck?

I can hear the groans now. That is just so negative. Its fun. I got great deals. I needed this. Okay so the day after Thanksgiving is not the National Day of Evil, but it has become a Monster people. And Monsters continue to live only when they are fed.
It has moved from the start of the Christmas giving  season to an excuse to make others work ON Thanksgiving  through the entire night and continue the madness past 24 hours of frenzy.  The only people pulling the graveyard shift should be power plants, police and emergency services. And maybe the graveyard attendants. Are those real careers?  Hmm... must be pretty quiet. I bet you could bring a book and get paid to read or better yet blog. Gotta look into that; I'm a night owl.   What? oh sorry . Did I go off on a ADD side bar ? Sorry that happens every now and then. Or as my husband likes to say " You thinking at out loud again "

Where was I? Oh yes Black Friday. The bottom line is it has turned into madness. People camp out, stay up all night, brave the elements and get this : fight each other for crap they do not need.
Yeah I went there...the  item of your desire is not needed.  
Entertainment is important when stalking deals.

It ain't bread people.
It's not a form of shelter.
It's not a vaccine, basic clothing or clean water.

It's stuff.
 I have stuff.  I like stuff.  Stuff is fun, I get it.
But when stuff becomes the center, we are no longer on point. We no longer are in control; it is in control.
That alone is enough to make me stop, collaborate and listen. 

 I am nothing if not a control freak ( if you have any amount of estrogen running thorough you I know you can relate.)  I love sticking it to the system with my 40% off plus another 20% and a gift card purchase. I justify my "it was buy one get one free so why would I just get one half off" theory.   But when I realized how effortless my "smart" ways were apply to things off priority and were more about winning the game, (which is the retail lie of all time- the house always wins).  I was kinds sick to my stomach. In a fetal position-I should nap now so I don't have to think about how weak I am- kinda way.

I just celebrated Thanksgiving with a warm bed, warm food and a warm family and now I am supposed to brave the cold weather with a cold attitude for a "hot" deal? . Oh Irony let me count the ways.
 I haven't given in to the machine for several years now  and I want to encourage others rethink  their habits.  Not criticizing just asking you to take inventory. Inventory of things where people can break in and steal and  where moth and rust will win out in the end and inventory of things stored up as intangible treasure that can't be stolen or destroyed. Which list would be longer?
I want my intangible list to be longer.

  As a Jesus chick, these are my instructions, so it matters.  I want time with my kids, snuggling with my spouse, celebrating with others, meeting others needs, a good long walk, a deep prayer and tons of hugs to flow over  my Ipad, shoes, and dare I say my Hobby Lobby basket.  But it's a Christian company right? --isn't that like shopping for Jesus? (insert eye roll and another story)

So basically it comes down to this, Black Friday demands two things of me : My time and my money. I was once told that if you want to know where your priorities lie, look where you spend your time and your money.
O-U-C-H.  Black Friday doesn't deserve either. Mine or yours.

This year I really stuck it to the system I worked and made money ( not retail) and then I came home put on my PJ's and sat on the front porch (much to the disgust of my children), eating leftovers  and playing reverse charades with my tribe Ha! Take that greed machine. My presence was undoubtedly felt. (where is my sarcasm font?).

But the bottom line is this: There will be no supply where there  is not a demand. I hope little by little (read:  by storm)  people will choose to be in control, prioritize and stay in their Pj's on the porch; if for no other reason to savor the horrified look on  their children's  faces.  


Now that is an intangible moment stored up that no one can steal.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


MAY 1st is here!!! WE DID IT!!


 I do need to include one extra little place to give in order to reach the 30, since we let Jesus have His own day ,I have decided it will be for you to seek out someone in need  and give . Give  something new, something old, heck  even something blue. It could be a friend who is grieving or a stranger who is hungry that needs you today. 

Give secretly, give joyously, give a little or give a lot.  Our recent weather has affected many. Check Facebook sites and ask your friends who might need something beyond the shirt on their back because that is all that some have left.


So I leave it up to you. I would love to hear how you gave.  Good news needs to be shared.


Here is a recap on our 30 for 30 of the organizations and what they need.  Items can be dropped at my place or requested for pick up until May 10th.  Feel free to keep this list with you so whenever you may have an item you don’t need or you are out shopping for yourself you will know what others need too.


Thanks to everyone who has participated. I will have an update with all the donation drop offs!!

 Day 1- Quilts of Comfort- Sewing material

Day 2- Under His Wings- Beads and broken jewelry

Day3-  SFMS- Uniforms for public school

Day 4- Emily’s Closet- Prom formals

Day 5- Revive Ecuador- SportsJerseys

Day 6- Waterfront Rescue Mission- Men’s clothing and shoes

Day7- The Haven- Pets meds, accessories, food


Day 8-The Ridden Word- Bikes working or not

Day 9 –Family Promise- Laundry Detergent

Day 10- Southern Spirit- Softball/Baseball equipment

Day 11- Dig Deep Give Well- Students for hire raising $$ for their mission trip

Day 12-Yellow Cottage- Donations of household misc. proceeds fund The Shoulder (local family rehab center)

Day 13- BRAG- Paints, canvases, misc art supplies

Day 14- Ransom Café- Cookware, Eat here and make new friends

Day 15- Mary’s Shelter- Maternity and baby clothes

Day 16- Raise the Roof- Tools, extra shingles, Roofing nails

Day 17-The Hope Center-Medicine, Diabetic supplies, $15.00, 4 hours

Day 18- Ronald McDonald House-Aluminum tabs make a meal

Day 19- Habitat for Humanity- Furniture, Light fixtures, tiles


Day 21-The Give Away- Giving plants and flowers to assisted living centers

Day 22- Prodisee Pantry- Pantry staples or $4.86

Day 23- 15th Place- Travel hygiene items, washcloths

Day 24- Your local Library- Books

Day 25-The lighthouse- Sock, underwear, women’s clothes

Day 26- Your Local Police/ Fire- Drop some goodies at their door

Day 27- Guatemala Landing- children’s shoes

Day 28- Camp Grace-Recreational Equipment

Day 29- Arc of Baldwin County- CD’s and DVD’s

Day 30- Cookies for Cancer- Bake a batch for this Saturday

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is day 30 of the 30 day challenge!! Woo hoo. Tomorrow I will recap all the charities and their needs plus a small area to give to make up for Easter  day.

Today I am featuring a great charity called Cookies for Cancer and it's local chapter here on the Eastern Shore called The Cookie Mom'sters!! 
There is a high incident of pediatric cancer on the Eastern Shore . Two such families that we know have been personally effected by cancer.  You can follow their stories by clicking on the links provided.  Warrior Shepard and Liam's Journey

This Saturday will be a family fun day at Halliday Park in Bay Minette to support pediatric cancer research .  There will be a silent Auction, food, games, live music and a great bake sale.

Please consider donating some baked goodies to be sold. I will be home Friday night and glad to pick them up!  Come on down on Saturday for some great baked good, fun times and a punch in face to cancer!!

We need your ooeey gooey, yummy, sticky sweet goodness to sell this Saturday!!

Alison Hill

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It is a wet Tuesday my friends. The rain has kept me home quite a bit today. We have cleaned out almost every nook and cranny around here. I am ready to load up on the 1st of May and donate away. Remember I will be glad to pick up anything you have and make sure that it goes to the best place.

I have gone through my books, and it was hard to do . I love books. Along the way I discovered a few DVD's and CD's that I want to dona te.
In doing my research of charities in our area I think I found the perfect place. ARC of Baldwin County provides quality services  to persons with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities throughout their life. 

 Among their requested needs list that you can access here, they had listed CD's and DVD's.

I have got a bunch of Cd's that I now have on Itunes
  or that really just don't suit my taste anymore. ARC likes to have music for the recreation and art rooms so anything is welcome.

SO give up your Barry Manillow and that secret CD of The Cult you've been hoarding and pass it on.

Monday, April 28, 2014


It is time to start to go through the hardest of de-cluttering: The kids toys

As tempting as it is to go through it all when they are gone, involve them at least partially. One component of the 30 for 30 plan is to share generosity with the next generation. Want to be a giver  then raise one. Your legacy will live on.

Many outdoor recreational toys are needed right here in Mobile at a place called Camp Grace.

Camp Grace is a privately owned and operated property of over 220 acres in Mobile, Alabama whose  mission is to create a fun and adventurous environment that existing organizations can use for their campers and participants.  They work with a variety of organizations that focus on providing recreational camping experiences for children with health issues such as  arthritis, cancer , diabetes and various disabilities. 

So dig out those hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns and Frisbees and let me know when I can pick them up for you.
Check out how you can volunteer at Camp Grace. They are preparing for their summer camps.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is time to get down to some basics, by getting in your closet and going through your shoes and your kids shoes to give to an organization called Guatemala  Landing Zone  . Shoes will be given to the young and old.   

Guatemala Landing Zone  is headed by my friend Mart Purvis. Mary is a Baldwin county resident that has moved to Guatemala  to share her life with the people there. She is building relationships with students and sowing into their lives to help them make critical choices. Monthly meetings with the students teach them lessons about family, personal values, self-worth, building a relationship with Jesus, how to combat peer pressure, and many other subject.  Mary has also started a feeding program and sponsorship for the children . Check it out here. 

Shoes are a much sought after item in Mary's village.  Plans to send a large shipment in June are already in place .

Opportunities to take then in person are also available. Who knows we might get to go together . 

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today is a simple one. Check with your local fire and police departments to see if they accept stuffed animals . Often times they need stuffed animals for children that are transported to social services when parents is family members are arrested.  It is a comfort to them in a confusing situation .

Also a great way to thank your local authorities is to take them a great pot of spaghetti or some cupcakes just to say thank you for a job well done.

Invest locally. It's a your hometown!!! 

Friday, April 25, 2014


Welcome to Friday!!  I am back from my road trip and doing my laundry. It was a very fun and successful trip in which I have learned that I will be selling my plasma, blood, and one kidney in order to pay for college. I plan to blog more on that tomorrow at 

I am not a clothes horse so I literally took about half of what I own on this trip, therefore I decided to purge the rest of what I have. So being in the closet of a woman today  I am featuring The Lighthouse , a women's shelter for those of domestic violence . 

The Lighthouse is a women's shelter located in Robertsdale  that is committed to providing support, preventing violence and promoting justice for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The Lighthouse serves more than 2,000 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault every year. They  employ 17 individuals that include licensed counselors, social workers, and criminal justice professionals.  Along with items that are needed The Lighthouse also has a vast array of volunteer opportunities.  Check them out, you may just be the talent, muscle or story sharing that is needed at just the right time.

They have listed their immediate needs as the following:

Immediate needs


I plan on donating sock of which I have too many but also purchasing underware for the shelter as I head to Target to replace my own ratty ones. Elastic gone and two holes is just really signal for  um.. well that I've let myself go a bit-  yeah just a smidge.   Anyway along with the give aways of what I do have I am also increasingly aware of the fact that I can think of someone's  needs as I go about fulfilling my own.  Each Target, Publix, Farmers Market or restaurant is an opportunity for me to pick up a little something for someone else.  I can do a little here , a little there and let it add up to drop off at the end of each month.  I could buy an extra chicken sandwich in Chik fa la and pray to come in contact with someone else.  I want this thought process to rub off rather rub off IN me. I want generosity to become a permanent part of my DNA.

Let me know if you have anything to donate to The Lighthouse and I promise I won't think your weird if you ask me to pick up a package of panties. Your welcome to drop them at my house too just make sure you put them in a labeled bag, because well let's face it dropping drawers at my door without a description could get you labeled weird.

Alison Hill

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today we are in every room of the house looking for one specific item: BOOKS
 Gather up those mysteries, romance and autobiographies and put them in a box along with cookbooks, how to manuals and self help to donate to your local library.  Have your kids go through their books and drop them all off at the library while you check out a few more treasures. 

Most libraries have a book nook where they sell books at extremely low prices as well as donate to schools and surrounding communities . 
Reading is a joy everyone should have!!

Here is a link to the Foley  library and book 
 Google your own neighborhood and find yours. 

Always glad to pick up your donations or receive on my front porch 

Alison. 251-463-3511

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I will have to make a 31st day in April to have my 30 for 30 . Because today is all about the
celebration of being loved by

So offer up your praise today  in song, in prayer, in love, in service, in food, in words, adn most of all in demonstrative love in action!!!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

DAY 23: 15th PLACE

Still on the great adventure college road trip and I am working on my 30 for 30 from the hotel bathroom.  I am gathering the complimentary soaps, shampoos and lotions to use in hygiene kits a friend and I are putting together for the homeless at 15 th place in Mobile .
 So get underneath  your cabinets and gather  those complimentary items when you travel or pick up some travel items at Walmart. Things like shampoo, lotion, deodorant and bar soaps are great .    
Let me know if I can swing by and pick them up or drop them at my place 7371 Saluda Blvd


As I write this I am in Nashville Tennessee on a college tour with my youngest. So due to the hectic schedule and the sticker shock I am experiencing of the next four years I will get straight to the  point. Prosidee Pantry is a great organization that supports low or no incone families with food each month. They are all  volunteer run and also provide additional assiatance for families with needs. 
Some folks prefer to contribute to the Pantry by purchasing items for their shelves. Prodisee Pantry accepts unopened non-perishable food items as well as household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene 

But here is a super fun fact for you :  Prodisee Pantry can purchase food for pennies per pound. For instance, we can buy a 24 cans of fruit or vegetables for $4.86.  Prodisee Pantry’s operates solely on contributions. How awesonw woukd it be for your to put awar $4.86 per week to give to rge pantry?  that is less rhan a starbucks    !!!!
Your non-perishable food or monetary donations allow the Pantry’s shelves to remain stocked and ready to serve those in need. And, those needs are constant. Currently, the Pantry serves more than 250 families per wee
For more info: or 251-626-1720


Today I am featuring the Baldwin House Assisted Living and The Snook Center.  Both have wonderful loving staff that care for the elderly.  They have not requested anything specific but I have a wonderful idea . Many of you received an  Easter Lilly or other flowers to celebrate Easter.  Why not take your flowers and plants to one of these fine places and give it to a resident.

 While you are there stay a while. Meet a new friend, talk with the staff about their need and opportunities to volunteer, And by all means if you have kids TAKE  THEM!!!


It's Easter weekend.  Many of you may have lots of family plans today in preparation for tomorrow's celebration.  So I will get right to it. Today I am featuring Habitat for Humanity Baldwin County.  There are numerous ways to get involved through building, volunteering to work at the Restore and donating to the Restore and shopping there too.

If you have any furniture, light fixtures, trim, blinds, rugs, paint , tile or bathroom and kitchen fixtures this is the place to donate too. You will also find all kinds of treasures there for your home. Contractors often donate what they have left from a recent build.  Check them out in several locations or call them to schedule a pick up of your donated items.
Just think how much room you will have in your house when you donate that big item that no longer holds anything because you have already emptied it donating its contents.

Friday, April 18, 2014



It is a Good Friday, Indeed. This morning I was a bit umm... unawake. Have any of you caught on to the fact that I’m not really a morning chick? Anyway since it was taking me a while to get it together, I decide to sip coffee a bit longer and read a devotional in my inbox from Sheloves.

 It spoke of heaving our burdens on to the Cross. The author was writing from an abandon concentration camp, where there were unimaginable burdens. One sentence in particular caught my attention. She wrote " And even here , in my own life , when I don’t suffer well, and I don’t give thanks.. This place is marked by His holy fire too."  That phrase “suffer well” stayed with me. We have some friends that our middle daughter babysits for that have a child with leukemia. Those two words in the same sentence child and leukemia give me shudders just like they do you. But this family is a shining example of how to “suffer well”. No they don’t want their kid sick.  Yea they are upset, angry and feel helpless at times. But they have chosen the route of giving all trust to God. They refuse to have anything but life spoken over them. They ask for prayers and extend the privilege of entering into their suffering to watch God act. You can follow their story on Facebook at Warrior Shepard.  

For 3 years their son will receive treatment at USA Women’s and children’s in Mobile. The   Ronald McDonald House  of Mobile provides a supportive home environment offering care, compassion, and hope to families with seriously ill and injured children at USA   Since it’s opening  14  years ago The  Ronald McDonald House has served over 5,300 families and is often referred to as  "The House That Love Built .Check out their wish list here of items or consider providing a week night meal with a group of friends or organization.

 One of the simplest ways to help is found in your recycling bin and is a great family project.  Aluminum tabs from cans raises approximately over $6,000 each year for Ronald McDonald House of Mobile.  It is one of the easiest ways to contribute to such a giving organization. You can drop by to pick up your tab collector top houses at 1626 Springhill Avenue or call 251-694-6873 to get them mailed to you.  When you are ready to return the tabs, bring them in or mail them back.  

Today on Good Friday no matter where you are in life, may the One who suffered well inspire you to share the suffering of others and together may we finish well.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Welcome to Thursday. I should probably try to throw in some catchy "throwback" theme here, but I got nothing. I hope you are cleaning out your home, being free of things you don't need and are feeling good about passing it to those who do.  I also hope you have gained a sense of control and awareness about your "stuff". As you were going through things if you discovered how much you have that you didn’t need I hope it will encourage you to make better purchasing decisions in the future.

I have adjusted my thought process quite a bit through this. I hope to make wiser choices in the future, aid my finances in a better direction and make sure that I stay in control of my stuff and don’t let my stuff control me. I have also found a wonderful bonus to featuring these charities. I can actually make my purchases count. I can be a good steward of my financial gifts by being specific with my choices. Where to donate my items, my time and my money. I can shop at the Yellow Cottage rather than Target, buy jewelry for a birthday present from Under His Wings or eat out at the Ransom Cafe instead of Olive Garden. These are intentional choices that take time.  It takes effort to not default to the most convenient source. But it is worth it.

 Slowing down and having enough time to devote purposeful attention to others and to share these moments with our families is valuable. These choices have the power to involve. I have never actually bonded with my kid in a Target checkout line (and I do love me some Target). But if I take my family eat with the homeless or explain why our purchases at Habitat provide financial aid for us and a future for someone else I have a far greater hope of real treasure sticking in their hearts. I hope my kids start to "get it" a whole lot sooner than I did. Time will tell. But I hope in the truest sense of the word for things yet unseen.

In that spirit the charity I am featuring today is The Hope Center.
The Hope Center is ministry of 3 Circle Church that provides counseling, medical and dental services at low cost. Professional medical volunteers serve daily to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the uninsured or under insured.  I personally have two friends who have used these services. They would not otherwise have tended to themselves without this option due to the cost of medical care. Our family’s physician has been on staff for several years dedicating her time and attention to those needing her care. With so many struggling financially or without work, The Hope Center is true to its name offering hope when it seems as though there is none.

 A strictly volunteer run entity, The Hope Center always welcomes donations that supply the office such as copy paper, pens, and stamps. One of the greatest medical needs are diabetic supplies, pantie-liners and gowns. If you have recently changed monitors or had a gestation diabetes during pregnancy you might have a few sealed test strips or needles that you don't know what to do with. Do you have any unopened bottles of Tylenol or Advil hanging around? I have a bad habit of getting a headache at Walmart and buying a bottle only to realize I had 3 unopened ones at home already.  Besides these items the greatest need at the center is for medical volunteers. They have recently added two more doctors and are in need of medical staff and nurses. 4 hours a month is all they ask. If you have a medical background or know of someone who does let them know about this need. There are roughly 720 hours in a month, giving 4 to the Hope Center can make a big difference.

The Hope Center is located on Hwy 104 just east of Hwy 181. You can reach them at 251-990-3112. Donate, use or spread the word about this great place.

***Just a side idea is you are interested. It costs $15.00 for a doctor’s visit. Why not give up a meal out and donate some money to cover the cost for someone in need?  Let me know if you do. How great would it be if 30 people did this and we covered a month of visits? One a day!! That is how it works. Everybody’s little makes a lot!!!

Let me know how I can help you

Alison Hill