Monday, November 2, 2015

Love it Forward

November 2nd-

I hope you got a chance to checkout Samaritians Purse and all the wonderful things you can be a part of.  Today I am featuring a very special place near to my heart. Neema House in Arusha Tanzania. I had the privelege of volunteering there 2 times when I was in Africa this summer.  It is such a a well run , loving facility for orphaned, abandoned  and at-risk babies.  Here are just a few pics from that sweet time.    
Me and my friend Razikki

They are wonderfully staffed with 33 Nannies  that care for the children around the clock.  From breakfast to baths and reading to rest time they care for these sweet young ones with tender care.  Neema house would like to honor these wonderful women with a little extra at Christmas time.
And you can be a part of that.

 Where all my mamas at?  You know the hectic wonderful blessed chaos of children and you also know how a little appreciation goes a long way on those long days!!

Be a part of a wonderful Christmas.  Check out Neema house on line and connect with them on FB to give for the extra special Christmas for the nannies.  Just click on the links and start loving it forward.


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