Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thankful Day

It's Thanksgiving 2015 . I really wanted to put up a great place or items everyday this past month for Christmas ideas that make a difference and show gratitude.  I didn't do everyday it was just to much with starting a new 40+hour week job and basketball season kicking in for the youngest. But I did put up a few great ideas that I hope yall took a look at.
Today we all think on what and who we are grateful for. So I have decided to blog a Lil blog about the most grateful pieces of my life. I do this in the spirit of Thanksgiving but also for another reason: depression.  Bet you didn't see that one coming?  I've struggled with depression off and on for a bit now. Some from circumstances , some from physical issues that invaded my mindset ,and some that just seem to be a heavy cloak or random dark clouds.  Hormones ? Maybe?   No matter the reason  or lack there of; depression can be a hard road. 
So to help myself and others along that road ,heading straight to the lighted path, I am going to concentrate on one person, thing, event or moment that I am truly grateful for. I may mention it in passing with a quick smile and picture or I might concentrate on it over and over mentally reminding myself minute by minute to be thankful.   Whatever the day requires I will find one thing to focus on in gratitude.

The seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart-  The  Noticer

One of my favorite quotes. Now this is not a cover all statement for those suffering with depression but a great reminder to always look for something to be grateful for , focus hard on it and while depression may be lurking , don't let it set up shop in your head or be planted in your heart. 
If it does-uproot.
How? Let's start by being grateful .

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