Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day7 -One full new week

So we are one full week into the new year. How are those resolutions going?  I have resolved to take one day at a time and as a result I have resolved NOT to vacuum today.  I really need to. The puppy has taken on a new occupation as paper shredder. Thank goodness we are saved from all those nasty magazines I wanted to read and that dreaded roll of toilet paper!!!  Seriously it is a mess.I picked up what I could by hand and was going to vacuum but its now 6 o clock, I have to pick up the youngest from b ball practice and the temperature is dropping as fast as the wind is blowing.

I am from the south. I can't-- repeat CAN NOT vacuum in sub 50 degree weather.  I am reluctantly picking up the little one as it is. I mean can't she hang at the school over night. She is just going to have to be back there bright and early anyway.  But alas she is my DNA, so like all mamas I will sacrifice ( in this case my toes) and retrieve my  young.  I own two pairs of closed toed shoes . So its those things or double socks with flip flops.  I will layer my 4 various school sport  shirts over my Corona shirt and wear my face washing headband over my ears.  I think I have a pair of gloves left over from a mardi gras ball somewhere.  I'll be fine.
I settled on these fabulous socks.

Okay what was day 7 about? Oh yes I was being grateful that's right.  When I return I am sitting next to a roaring fire that I have instructed my man to get going and downing a hot toddy while wrapped in a blanket.   Tonight to spread the love and the warmth my act of gratitude  will be to outfit the kiddos with a blanket fresh from the dryer just before bed .  I will run upstairs to lay it over them and tuck them in like a bug in a rug.  They in turn will roll their eyes will giggle with glee.

 I am grateful for a warm house, electricity and blankets. I know many across the world, our nation and even our neighborhoods are not so fortunate.  Consider as winter comes on to donate your blankets, pillows, sheets and coats to your local shelter or Red Cross.

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