Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 8 and 9

Umm.. I missed yesterday but I am no less grateful just super busy at work.  I am dog tired  right now and about to get in the bath but as I soak I am going to be grateful for:

  •  the full day I had yesterday of employment,
  •  the night time b ball game with my youngest and a few friends, 
  • the sleeping in (until 11 say B U M ) my man let me have this morning 
  • and the aching muscles that I organized the entire kitchen with and then walked 2 miles!!!!!- 

I will accept my bad ass award any day now!

So keep on being grateful even when things are not perfect or they are busy or they just sux.
Look deep, think high and settle into gratefulness.
It is a better place to be 

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