Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Freedom

It’s Friday people and December so far has been great But like most Fridays I am spent and ready for some down time.  The feature today is one of planning. Giving a gift with purpose is different than the run of the Mill” I ran to Target or Amazon can get it in two days, I’m off the hook” mentality.  Not downing these two great vendors, I frequent them myself but I am trying to really access want vs need.
It seems in America we have blurred those lines a lot. Our instant accessibility possibilities have left us with very little introspection of our choices.  So today your mission should you choose to accept it is to lay like broccoli and scroll through all of the fabulous ideas on Pintrest.  This app is a wealth of ideas and knowledge on thoughtful gifts to make with how to links included. So scroll, dream and pin.
 Then get realistic and pick a pretty, simple idea that reminds you of someone in your life. You can even search for “nature crafts” and it will give you a host of ideas from your own back yard ( or translated in  frugalise  “free”.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart. You just have to think enough of someone to make a homespun effort.  Here are a few ideas we are going try. It might be a nailed it or failed it, but one thing is for sure. It’s going to be fun.
I see a frame coming out of this tree

So enjoy your license to veg tonight and couch potato on up with your yoga pants, warm blanket and your Pinterest searching device. When the kids holler for diner- tell them that God gave you an air popper for such a time as this.  

Happy Pinning, Planning and Purpose!!!

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