Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time to Notice

I have lost days at a time . This blog was created so I would keep on top of things to be grateful for and to inspire others as well.  So while I am frustrated with my lack of consistency, I am happy to say that I have had a more grateful attitude even if I haven't recorded it all!

But it is already a new month. Actually 6 days in.
I have been re reading a book called The Noticer by AndyAndy Andrews

It is about noticing ( I know I know. Captain Obvious)
But it really breaks things down into what you notice and how you make your next step.
Noticing your behavior and that of others.

This in combination with the  Hands Free MamaMovement where we give in to paying attention to each other and let our hands be free of  technology, I have decided to slow it all down and really concentrate on the moment at hand.

I will try to focus on the moment in front of me and notice the details within it.
Details like a person's expression, the color of their eyes, and what they are really saying.
all with out glancing at a computer screen, phone or anything in the room.

I will STOP what I am doing and listen with both ears when my daughter speaks.
I will hear her inflections , catch her expressions and not be distracted.

I will be still more and look at the sunshine, smell the air, notice colors , and remember.

When I am down I will look around for visual beauty and I will seek out goodness even in the darkest situation . I will find the one thing in huge middle of my Suxfest that I can be grateful for .

So everyday I will blog about the goodness I noticed.
Since it is already March 6 th I will list 6 things today from the past week and start fresh on day 7!!!

March 1-  I noticed it is March .the month that spring comes -YES. Because February 's weather  was a giant bucket of sux!!!

March 2- I noticed my middle daughter helping my little one with her wardrobe and then I noticed lots of giggles. I love that sound

March 3- grateful the sun was shining strong

March 4- I worked the mom2mom sale in Pensacola with women I adore and make me laugh my head off.  I saw people I haven't seen in a year and h they have changed and how beautiful they are

March 5- I noticed I still have a job. It's been a bit iffy lately. I wasn't on the rainbow train to be there, but I noticed how organized I could be and how kindly my boss spoke to me and I made sure tho thank as many people as I could

March 6- I noticed the birds outside my window. Doves were waddling and blue birds were fussing about territory and the “God has burdened AiG to rebuild a full-size Noah’s Ark -- as a sign to the world that God’s Word is true, and as a reminder that all men are sinners, and we all need to go through the 'door' to be saved,” Ham wrote in August 2013.
 ignored them all in favor of the bird seed

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