Sunday, November 1, 2015

3 chicks and a purpose

November 1.
 It is the month before December, and what that means if you live in America is that the panic/freenzy/chaos of Christmas will start in one month.  I have never quite understood this, but it is a reality.
Christmas is the same every year. It is not like they suddenly announce it like lotto numbers or something. No governing body decides year to year when it will be and how much time is left between the announcement and the actual day.  Nope it is the same  

December 25th.

Some people will over prepare, like Hobby Lobby , and have Christmas trees  out by the end of August and some will procrastinate like the guy in a diamond store at 5:30 on Christmas Eve.
I fall somewhere in the middle.
I know its coming, I know who I will give to and I start looking for fun holiday things to do.  

Look how prepared we are? wait? What are they doing?
 Over the past few years our family has decided to give less things to each other and to spend more time and experiences with each other.  We have also decided that we don't really have any real "needs" for Christmas just a few wants. So I have altered the giving a bit by giving to someone else outside our family but with a particular family member in mind.

Everyday in November I plan to feature a person, place or organization that has true needs. These are all places I have given, researched or know personally where and how the money or items will be honored. I hope you and your family will join us in enjoying time with one another and placing your gifts in the hands of those who will most benefit.

Every year around this time we receive a catalog form Samaritan's Purse.
If you are not familiar with it you might be surprised at the offerings in the full color pages. It is filled with beautiful pictures of people, smiling faces of children, mothers holding babies, farmers working fields. It also has vast landscapes from around the world, livestock and grains featured among its photographs.

 No $9.99 wine openers with your favorite team logo or light up dog collar can be ordered.
This catalog offers 42 specific gifts in various amounts that you can give to many in the US and around the world that will pay it forward to the next generation.

Samaritan's Purse has been around since 1970 born out of the burden of one man to have his "heart break for the things that break the heart of God."  You can find our more about them including the complete financial disclosure on their website 

This year as always I will be giving baby chicks to a family who can raise them for food and to sell the eggs.    I am always a sucker for anything with baby chicks because that is how I often refer to my 3 girls.

And as you can see the picture in the catalog has 3 chicks, just like me, so I am in.  If you ever want to sell me  anything just stamp 3 chicks on it and it is a done deal.
So for $14, I will be grateful for my 3 chicks and give 12 baby chicks to a family who will use them to care for their own precious  chicks.    That is $14 that will have lasting effects, far beyond the 2 trips to Starbucks or the random Charming Charlie's necklace that it could also purchase.

My family will have gifts under the tree and family time and experience this Christmas . And if we get to do these wonderful things with each why shouldn't every family?

Check out tomorrows blog for another giving idea. One that might just be calling out your name, dreams, and talents to be a part of.

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