Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3- First time is a charm

Okay if you made resolutions how are those going?  I can have a goal in the distance but I do better on a day to day resolutions. When done consistently they add up to the finish line.

The garage went great. All done. I will post pics soon (thank you my cousin for the demand of proof)

Today I am going to be grateful for the college chick. She leaves tomorrow to head back for her classes. I have really enjoyed her.  I'm very proud of the young lady she is becoming.

It is really a wonder first children turn out at all. They are the experiment child where we do all the trial and error. But as in everything God takes our circumstances and makes them for good. She is my most forgiving child. I guess she had a lot of practice when she was young!!  Marc and I are not perfect parents and we were quick to correct ourselves and seek forgiveness from each other and our children. Many feel this is a sign of weakness or undermines our authority.  It has not. It has shown our children the aspects of grace and mercy. It has shown that we as parents are also under authority from our loving Father and that our love is yet a poor reflection of His great love for us.

So blessed our we to have 3 beautiful gifts from God. Today we are shopping as a family and will load college girl up with all the necessities for another semester: Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausages, Toilet Paper and her Favorite Shampoo.  It is a small gesture but for a budget conscious college kid that coconut pricey shampoo is the real deal.

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