Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 of December.  Whew. I am no closer than yesterday to finishing Christmas gifts as today was sheet washing day as well as Pintrest craft day!!!  I made a beautiful scroll art painting that read " I procrastinate, therefor I am." 

But in the click of a mouse I am going to purchase a great gift for my girls.  I have searched high and lo for companies that deserve my dime and I want to mention a great organization that has a 40 year history of mercy and accountability.  A rare gem in today's world.   
Samaritan's Purse is a wonderful organization that provides sustainable economic solutions for individuals and communities in poverty.   What does that mean in layman's terms ?
They.  Stick.  Around. 

They don't drop off a meal, gander a nice southern " Bless your heart" and then line the administration's pockets .  They allow you and I the privilege of giving a sustainable gift of chickens, goats, mosquito nets, milk, education, skills training to a family that can continue to grow, learn and give on to others. Samaritan's Purse invests in the community and family as a whole for years. They live with the community, they eat, worship and work together. 

 For as little as $14 you can give some chicks to a family. 

Baby Chicks when grown,  can produce up to 200 eggs each year. 
 Not as pets but as food and income. Food leads to healthy families who work better , who learn more effectively in school, who are less likely to be ill.  Income leads not only money but pride and dignity to be able to provide for your family.

I will be giving the baby chicks because - well I love my 3 chicks , AKA, literally,-
Ashlyn, KK and Addie.

But you can give what speaks to you.  And you can give it in honor of one you love.  My girls are be honored with chicks and they will be gifted themselves by knowing that it's not all about them. It is not about us.

We have enough. If you have access to the Internet and our able to read this blog you have more than 75% of the world.  So check out Samaritan's Purse gift catalog and let me know what you give.

Someone needs a goat people. Get on it .
Let's Browse.

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