Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Here we go.  Here is  this week line up and today's featured charity.

1. Quilts of Comfort: Material, Thread and Batting

2. Under His Wings: Beads and Broken Jewelry

3. Revive Ecuador: Sports Uniform Shirts

4. The Ridden Word: Old Bicycles and Soup

5. Uniform Closet: Girls School Uniforms

6. Emily's Closet: Prom and long formals

7. Ransom Cafe:  Food items (details to follow)

Today's Challenge:

Calling all crafters, moms and Pintrest addicts

Get into your craft closet or laundry room, find all the extra sewing material, thread, and batting and gather it up for  Quilts of Comfort.

Let's face it nothing is getting done here.
Time to bless it forward.

Quilts for Comfort provides quilts for ill or hospitalized children. It was started 15 years ago by SF Family and Consumer Science teacher, Joni Ojard.

This year is especially important  as the project celebrates Mrs. Ojars' successful liver transplant.

Read about Joni's journey here

You know all those "good intention" projects you had planned?
All those sweet baby dresses you were going to make and curtains you were going to sew?
Well the baby is now 16 and your curtain pattern is a decade old.

It is time to FREE yourself
Give it up , move on, and give it to  Quilts of Comfort.
Bless someone with fabric and free yourself from guilt!
All at once!!!

You didn't waste money. You payed it forward!!!

Now go !  Grab those cottons, silks, and chiffon
Dig for those spools of thread and pieces of batting. Gather it all up and give me a call or drop  it at Spanish Fort High School by FRIDAY

If you really can't bear to let it out of your hands  then bring it Saturday as you volunteer to help assemble the quilts.

That way can honestly say that you made that project!!!

You can get a hold of me in one of these ways:

Phone/Text   251-463-3511
email: alison_hill@bellsouth.net
Facebook: Alison Lauer Hill
Address: 7371 Saluda Blvd

Let me know in the comments if you donated.  I  would love to hear about it.

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