Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It is a wet Tuesday my friends. The rain has kept me home quite a bit today. We have cleaned out almost every nook and cranny around here. I am ready to load up on the 1st of May and donate away. Remember I will be glad to pick up anything you have and make sure that it goes to the best place.

I have gone through my books, and it was hard to do . I love books. Along the way I discovered a few DVD's and CD's that I want to dona te.
In doing my research of charities in our area I think I found the perfect place. ARC of Baldwin County provides quality services  to persons with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities throughout their life. 

 Among their requested needs list that you can access here, they had listed CD's and DVD's.

I have got a bunch of Cd's that I now have on Itunes
  or that really just don't suit my taste anymore. ARC likes to have music for the recreation and art rooms so anything is welcome.

SO give up your Barry Manillow and that secret CD of The Cult you've been hoarding and pass it on.

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