Monday, April 28, 2014


It is time to start to go through the hardest of de-cluttering: The kids toys

As tempting as it is to go through it all when they are gone, involve them at least partially. One component of the 30 for 30 plan is to share generosity with the next generation. Want to be a giver  then raise one. Your legacy will live on.

Many outdoor recreational toys are needed right here in Mobile at a place called Camp Grace.

Camp Grace is a privately owned and operated property of over 220 acres in Mobile, Alabama whose  mission is to create a fun and adventurous environment that existing organizations can use for their campers and participants.  They work with a variety of organizations that focus on providing recreational camping experiences for children with health issues such as  arthritis, cancer , diabetes and various disabilities. 

So dig out those hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns and Frisbees and let me know when I can pick them up for you.
Check out how you can volunteer at Camp Grace. They are preparing for their summer camps.

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