Friday, April 18, 2014



It is a Good Friday, Indeed. This morning I was a bit umm... unawake. Have any of you caught on to the fact that I’m not really a morning chick? Anyway since it was taking me a while to get it together, I decide to sip coffee a bit longer and read a devotional in my inbox from Sheloves.

 It spoke of heaving our burdens on to the Cross. The author was writing from an abandon concentration camp, where there were unimaginable burdens. One sentence in particular caught my attention. She wrote " And even here , in my own life , when I don’t suffer well, and I don’t give thanks.. This place is marked by His holy fire too."  That phrase “suffer well” stayed with me. We have some friends that our middle daughter babysits for that have a child with leukemia. Those two words in the same sentence child and leukemia give me shudders just like they do you. But this family is a shining example of how to “suffer well”. No they don’t want their kid sick.  Yea they are upset, angry and feel helpless at times. But they have chosen the route of giving all trust to God. They refuse to have anything but life spoken over them. They ask for prayers and extend the privilege of entering into their suffering to watch God act. You can follow their story on Facebook at Warrior Shepard.  

For 3 years their son will receive treatment at USA Women’s and children’s in Mobile. The   Ronald McDonald House  of Mobile provides a supportive home environment offering care, compassion, and hope to families with seriously ill and injured children at USA   Since it’s opening  14  years ago The  Ronald McDonald House has served over 5,300 families and is often referred to as  "The House That Love Built .Check out their wish list here of items or consider providing a week night meal with a group of friends or organization.

 One of the simplest ways to help is found in your recycling bin and is a great family project.  Aluminum tabs from cans raises approximately over $6,000 each year for Ronald McDonald House of Mobile.  It is one of the easiest ways to contribute to such a giving organization. You can drop by to pick up your tab collector top houses at 1626 Springhill Avenue or call 251-694-6873 to get them mailed to you.  When you are ready to return the tabs, bring them in or mail them back.  

Today on Good Friday no matter where you are in life, may the One who suffered well inspire you to share the suffering of others and together may we finish well.

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