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Welcome to Thursday. I should probably try to throw in some catchy "throwback" theme here, but I got nothing. I hope you are cleaning out your home, being free of things you don't need and are feeling good about passing it to those who do.  I also hope you have gained a sense of control and awareness about your "stuff". As you were going through things if you discovered how much you have that you didn’t need I hope it will encourage you to make better purchasing decisions in the future.

I have adjusted my thought process quite a bit through this. I hope to make wiser choices in the future, aid my finances in a better direction and make sure that I stay in control of my stuff and don’t let my stuff control me. I have also found a wonderful bonus to featuring these charities. I can actually make my purchases count. I can be a good steward of my financial gifts by being specific with my choices. Where to donate my items, my time and my money. I can shop at the Yellow Cottage rather than Target, buy jewelry for a birthday present from Under His Wings or eat out at the Ransom Cafe instead of Olive Garden. These are intentional choices that take time.  It takes effort to not default to the most convenient source. But it is worth it.

 Slowing down and having enough time to devote purposeful attention to others and to share these moments with our families is valuable. These choices have the power to involve. I have never actually bonded with my kid in a Target checkout line (and I do love me some Target). But if I take my family eat with the homeless or explain why our purchases at Habitat provide financial aid for us and a future for someone else I have a far greater hope of real treasure sticking in their hearts. I hope my kids start to "get it" a whole lot sooner than I did. Time will tell. But I hope in the truest sense of the word for things yet unseen.

In that spirit the charity I am featuring today is The Hope Center.
The Hope Center is ministry of 3 Circle Church that provides counseling, medical and dental services at low cost. Professional medical volunteers serve daily to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the uninsured or under insured.  I personally have two friends who have used these services. They would not otherwise have tended to themselves without this option due to the cost of medical care. Our family’s physician has been on staff for several years dedicating her time and attention to those needing her care. With so many struggling financially or without work, The Hope Center is true to its name offering hope when it seems as though there is none.

 A strictly volunteer run entity, The Hope Center always welcomes donations that supply the office such as copy paper, pens, and stamps. One of the greatest medical needs are diabetic supplies, pantie-liners and gowns. If you have recently changed monitors or had a gestation diabetes during pregnancy you might have a few sealed test strips or needles that you don't know what to do with. Do you have any unopened bottles of Tylenol or Advil hanging around? I have a bad habit of getting a headache at Walmart and buying a bottle only to realize I had 3 unopened ones at home already.  Besides these items the greatest need at the center is for medical volunteers. They have recently added two more doctors and are in need of medical staff and nurses. 4 hours a month is all they ask. If you have a medical background or know of someone who does let them know about this need. There are roughly 720 hours in a month, giving 4 to the Hope Center can make a big difference.

The Hope Center is located on Hwy 104 just east of Hwy 181. You can reach them at 251-990-3112. Donate, use or spread the word about this great place.

***Just a side idea is you are interested. It costs $15.00 for a doctor’s visit. Why not give up a meal out and donate some money to cover the cost for someone in need?  Let me know if you do. How great would it be if 30 people did this and we covered a month of visits? One a day!! That is how it works. Everybody’s little makes a lot!!!

Let me know how I can help you

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