Friday, March 7, 2014

Way to go

March 7

So my new plans to  S . L. O. W  down and notice stuff

Yeah well the poor woman in firehouse subs today noticed  what a rush I was I.  As I nearly plowed her down trying to. Get out the door first!!!

Ugh he!!!  Where was my brain. And to top it off there was no ER
No one was having a heart attack on the sidewalk outside ,
I was not bleeding profusely
There was no bomb to disengage in a matter of seconds least all humanity die
or be genetically altered forever.

No I just was in that automatic- getter- done -mode

Ummm ......what was it I had to getter going to getter done you might ask?
I was on lunch break from work buying every one's lunch courtesy of my boss
And the rush I was doing had no purpose.
 I basically was going to exit the building
Cross the parking lot and drive to the 22 minute long red light
 at the corner and then turn left to the
Next 3 red lights lasting 12, 17 and 8 minutes respectively.
 Only to arrive at work to answer phone that barley ring and make few copies.

Yes my hyper drive speed was like a superhero who had been beckoned by the bat light

" Here I come to save the day"

Only I didn't

I kinda screwed up another persons day by shadowing
them so closely as I walked that I was the white of her rice,

And then did I notice this?
No  not me the "vowed to notice" gal

I only noticed when she turned ( slowly ) to me as said
" I'm sorry" and stepped out of my way

I started to speak a something stupid like " that's okay"

Yes how nice. Of me to want to offer my forgiveness to her for standing
in the way of a selfish rhino trying to slice her at the knees so I could be first

If this was preschool I'd so be the door holder and in the back of the line for the next month

But thankfully I stopped my rambling mouth from uttering
 any form of word vomit that I was a already recycling

With a sheepish look, and a swift stride I stepped lightly
As I got  outside I thought about going back in and
apologizing but when I looked she had moved on so I did too

I decide to slow it down from that point forward.
 I walked very timidly to my truck
And listed things I could notice

I recite them out loud to myself  as I went
( if you saw me I  was being positive not crazy)

1.The sun was shining.
2. Food was available to me
3. It was free food -my boss treated
4. I live in a country where I as a woman can go about my business without question-
  this is not true for everyone- more on on that at tomorrow
5. I had transportation
6. God had given me a love lesson of conviction in the form
 of another human being and subtle at that
7. Did I mention the sun was shinning. This is very important because it hasn't been lately and I go downward on the Season thing I know I do
8. My legs worked even if too fast
9. My car door was unlocked
10. I didn't leave my phone --- BONUS

After that I was able to refocus.  So while I trying to slow it down and notice more good things and I  might just find some not so good  things that I need to deal with also.
And if I need to reboot about every 3 minutes or so

Well that will just have to be OK. Too

Just do not to be in front of  me these way out the door --  :)

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