Monday, March 31, 2014

The 30 for 30 Plan

It is almost April!

It time to demand SPRING!!

Many of us will take on the big "Spring Clean"

We are ready to shake off winter in a big way.

But rather than just over-organize, over-schedule , and bark orders out at our family on that "Big Day",   why not tackle it a little at a time and with intention?

So here is a plan with purpose

For 30 days I will post a local charity, from our L.A. (Lower Alabama), 
along with it's  most immediate need.

Head to that area of your house where you keep that item and clean it out.

Contact me to pick them up or drop at my house.

You can do this daily or save it all for the end of the month (just separate by charity please)

You might be asking "Why not just donate it all to one place?"

 Because I want to  challenge you to clean out with care

Don't just throw it out and hope Goodwill can decipher your hoarding system in a box,

let is go where it is specifically needed.

Think how amazing it will me to bless the socks off (or on, if that's what they need) 
of 30 homespun organizations?

Each week I will give you an overview of the charities for the week. 
Then each day I will feature a single charity, it's purpose and its most its immediate need.

You can do 1, 5,30 --whatever.   It is up to you
You can give me donations throughout the month or all at once.

It's an  easy 15 minutes a day that can bless and give hope to others.

It's simple:

Check the Daily Charity
Gather Specific Items
Contact Me to Pick Up


Easy Peasy!!

You can contact me by

phone: 251-463-3511
On Facebook
or drop off at 7371 Saluda Blvd, Spanish Fort, AL

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