Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wise Decisions

Day 29

Do it's day 2 of snow/ice pocolypse here on the Gulf Coast.  Yes that the Gulf as in  
Gulf of Mexico; and snow and ice should never actually ever be in the same sentence as " Gulf" or " Coast" and yet 
Here we are. 
So I am super grateful to my school district and superintendent for making a wise decision to cancel school on Wed and saving us the headache and dangerous that some other southern cities faced ( AKA Hotlanta) 

We aren't prepared for this type of weather anymore than the northern states are prepared for hurricanes . 

We use salt on our margaritas round here not our roads! 

So a big thank you to Baldwin County School system !! And since it happens to be school board appreciation month here 
I am writing my email to the board and especially to my district representative Shannon Cauley for the great job she is doing. 

Enjoyed my snow days with the family : safe , sound and fun. 

If your in my district log on to 
www. and give them a big ole southern thank you . I am sure they would also accept pie. 

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