Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Everpresent Gift


Today I am truly grateful  for something we all possess.
It comes in great measures.
It can be wasted , spent, used, treasured and remembered and recorded.

It can never be controlled.
You can never make, buy or take  more .
You will never actually know how much of it you have until it is all gone.

The one thing you can do is give it away.
You get to choose exactly to do with however much you have.
and most of all you can live a grateful life in the midst of it.

What is this miraculous gift-


Be grateful for your TIME by using it wisely.
Time’s ticking can neither be slowed nor halted, but it can be gathered.
Gathered into poignant moments that lead to precious memories.

I have misused this gift before.
So I have written a bit about that here
hoping to remind others as well as myself
 from letting it happen again.

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