Monday, January 6, 2014


Sorry for the late and short posts. But it's real simple what I am grateful for tonight 

1 roof
2 blankets
3 soft pillow
4 walls
5 warm family members

So how can I tangibly be grateful for this shelter of kindness?  
First by realizing not everyone has these blessings.
Second acknowledge my blessings are to be used to bless 
Third   Bless ( it's a verb., it requires my action)

So I am going to give much needed items to those who don't have a blessing of shelter right now. 

Right here in our own neck of the woods lies a place called " tent city". People live under tarps and tents outside. 
Why they are there? 
How they got there?
Don't know
Doesn't matter 

I believe Jesus was the original " Pay it Forward" participant. 
And to be like Him and to follow Him
I should imitate Him

Kingdom of the Poor is a wonderful organization that serves tent city . They are in need of blankets and toilet paper.
Please join me in gathering these supplies and I will be dropping them off as soon as I can. 
Check them out on Facebook . 

If you want to help feel free to drop off items at my house or at work ( I'm there everyday this week).  

And think gratefully today on your shelter - house, car or someone's arms be grateful and pass it on . 

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