Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Perfect Timing

Day 14

You make plans- you make the list
And then......

Nothing goes right

One friend has an unexpected test result and can't make the day trip you planned

You worry ---

Then you rework your plan trying to stay busy

Then a phone call. A different friend 
A different concern. 
Can she come over she asks. 

Of course .
Plan C 

You listen. 
You worry. 
You hurt with your friend 
You pray  
 You laugh a little or else you'd have to cry a lot 

And the day turns into night and you realize the list is still there... Unfinished

You look at the list and see that it was a fruitless list. 
Of no consequence  what so ever 

And the plan. 
The perfect plan is the one that happened today just the way it should have 

So here the real list 

I'm grateful for:

1. 2 friends who trusted me today
2. To be off work and available
3. My plans were rearranged beautifully 
4. The privelege to pray for and with women of faith 
5. A God with perfect timing 

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