Monday, January 6, 2014

One small kindness

Day 6 

Today In thankful for the Auburn Tigers- not because of anything to do with football, but because of the family mentality they posses . 
We have some dear friends, the Halls ,  who are Auburn Alumni and one of their sons has leukemia . Our middle child, the old soul, has been babysitting their children for a year or so. 
- you can see their amazing story on Facebook at Warrior Shepard 

The athletic director of Auburn Jay Jacobs called the Halls and asked how he could pray for them . A few weeks later he asked for 60 bracelets that were made with Shepard's name on them, for his team. 
Well tonight that team is in the national championship . They have been spotted on players in per game media and warm ups ( can't wear jewelry in the game) 

This is a huge encouragement to my friends in a difficult season. 

Win or lose tonight I will be writing a letter to Jay Jacobs and the Auburn Tigers to thank them for their prayers and encouragement!!

And those prayers have made a difference - just check out Shepard's progress at Warrior Shepard and see the great faithfulness of our God!!!

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