Monday, January 20, 2014

All Together

Day 20

Today was an eventful day . 
Made the list  and then God laughed

So one urgent care visit and a drop in Ortho appointment plus a manufactured cancelled order on the dress that we need for the dance in 2 weeks and we have a perfect outline for well......

Chaos .

Hmmmm .......
Where's that silver lining? 

Its in the fact that we now get to handle these opportunities for patience and perserverence together.  

We will take care of each other, serve each other and undoubtably laugh together. 

Sisters are searching the Internet together , were making soup and ice cream for sore throats and even remembering that no one has list a leg. 

In softball there is an expression when things get really bad- I mean err after error and it just well ...Sux 

You will here the coach say " alright , alright. Nobody's hurt-- Nobody hurt"

It reminds them no one is put out the game - we are still in it - all together 
As a team 

And that's what we are doing today

Team Hill working it out.
Sore throats get better, braces come off and dances come and go and we regret having even taking the picture to prove we wore that!!

But family - our family - 

The Hill Family 
we are together 

Not as in having "it all together "  because then this post would be the top tweet on the comedy channel!!

I'm grateful to be together!!

Because being together 
when the suns out,
When The rain falls or 
The meal burns and 
The hamster is lost.
When The car is broken,
The job is lost and 
The pain comes
Or when
The the hugs abound,
The smiles lasts
And the forgiveness flows 
Together is the best place to be.

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